Edulis, formerly called Niagara Street Cafe, is located on Niagara Street, close by to the major intersection of King Street and Bathurst Street, and Liberty Village.  I like the ambiance of this little bistro, which is brimmed with a sense of rural old world charm.  However, in my opinion, too many good reviews had actually worked to their disadvantage.  Since I heard a lot of good buzz about this restaurant, and also because I had to wait over a month to get a table, I was expecting nothing short of a spectacular meal.  Don’t get me wrong, food was generally good, just nothing that particularly stood out, that’s all.

Perhaps my experience that night also took a few points away from a perfect score:  My friends and I sat down and ordered food and wines.  We then took out an iPad to watch a FIFA world cup game.  The iPad was on mute and was placed at the side of the table, and we kept our voices down to make sure we wouldn’t interrupt other guests.  About ten minutes later, the owner came over and asked if we could put away the iPad because ‘we prefer for our guests to have conversations over dinner’.  I agree that watching a game with a device is not the most appropriate at a restaurant, and I completely respect the message since it was delivered politely , however, as we were not causing disturbance to other customers, such appearance at our table caused an embarrassed and awkward moment.  If this was my restaurant, I would probably deliver the same message, but with a slight twist. I might offer a free appetizer, as a token of appreciation. A little gesture like that would score them a lot of points in terms of customer service.

Despite my this little hiccup, I would still return to Edulis because their food was fresh, and for $50 tasting menu with five-courses, I consider that to be good value.


Slightly pickled mackerel with cream sauce and basil-infused oil, appetizing!


Green bean sprouts and salmon.  I especially enjoyed the fried fish skin served on top.


Poached quail was light and juicy.


The pork had a wonderful smokey flavour.  However, we had to complain about the meat being too fatty.  Basically just half of the meat was edible.  The chef explained that some of their customers liked their meat that way.  That sounded like an excuse to us because the same plate for the table next to us definitely had more ‘meat’.


Strawberry sundae with papillon pastry on top.  Light and refreshing!  Nice way to end the meal.


Suggestions for improvements:

1.  Cut out excess fat when serving meat.

2.  Improve on customer service.  Doing everything by the book is alright, but taking an extra step shows genuine care.

3.   Every customer has different preferences in their food. Recognize and acknowledge feedbacks to earn returning customers.

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